Sentinel Animals

Duration : 90' / 5x52'
Support : Digital Betacam

Authors : C.Harpet

Director : T. Berrod - C.Harpet

Production : Mona-Lisa

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They anticipate earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes, they sense magnetic changes in the atmosphere. They are the first to be affected by pollution and ecological disturbances.
Sentinel Animals inform us of the dangers threatening our planet.
Their instincts never betray them and their closeness to nature makes them our best allies in controlling the natural and industrial risks that menace the Earth.
Sounding the alert for impending earth tremors, insidious marine pollution, noxious gas emanations, soil contamination and volcanic eruptions, these sentinel animals make signals through their behaviour or their metabolisms.
Humans who know how to observe these species and assess the state of their health are then able to indicate the risks and anticipate them.

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